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Mickey Casab is a second-generation Syrian American who 

became an actor because of what happened to him directly after 9/11. His parents told him not to tell anyone he was Syrian for fear of what could happen to him. His friends, knowing he was Syrian, talked about having concentration camps to weed out the “bad” middle easterners. 


He's grateful that now tv and movies are showcasing such a diverse group of people coming together. Because, that’s why he's an actor. To help celebrate those differences, not be terrified of them.

He graduated from the Academy of Art University with an MFA in MPT Acting under the direction of famed actress Diane Baker.

His hard work has earned him roles in award winning productions, including films Fist 2 Fist, California Tango, and The Proposed. He can be seen in television series 911 Lone Star, Criminal Minds and The Sterling Affairs. As well as his award-winning Instagram series @lawlawlandtheseries. 

In his free time, he writes and produces comedic shorts under his production company Possum Fossil. Check him out on Instagram and Facebook @mickeycasab! 

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